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{July 26, 2009}   Life Saving Medical Tests

Life Saving Medeical Tests include:

Pap Smears-every three years. If you have 3 normal tests and are 65 or older you can stop having them. My doctor says even if you have a hysterectomy, she still does it to check  down there. She orders a pelvic ultrasound and vaginal ultrasound some years.

Mammography-A digital mammogram once a year.  A lady called me last night who is 85 years old, recently had breast cancer surgery with complications. Mammograms are every year at age 40. Those individuals with a family cancer history should tell their doctor, should have a basic screening mammogram, and report any suspectious symptoms to their doctor no matter what their age i. Some doctors recommend MRI’s for breast dense tissue and even those women with implants.

Colonoscopy-When you are 50 years of age you should have a colonoscopy, and then every 10 years until age 75. They send a camera into the colon to check for cancer, polphs, and ulcers. If you have a family history of colon cancer or polphs, this should be reported to the doctor. My husband has a polph farm, so he has had one every three years. When they are cultured the polphs for several years, the doctor will determine if you need it every 3 or 5 years. There is always a risk for colon lining perforation. I had ulcers from the prep, so I can’t use a certain type of prep. The prep has changed.  You can take pills and mix the Georgetown drink with Gaterade now.

Bone Density-Doctors recommend a bone density test at menopause to make sure you are not losing your calcium or other minerals in your bones. Some women get osteopenia or osteoporosis and need to take calcium. This is really important if you are 60-65 when you start experiencing bone loss.  Tell your doctor if you have a family history of osteoporosis.

Blood Pressure-High blood pressure could indicate health issues as heart disease, diabetes, etc. They usually take your blood pressure when you go in to the doctor.  If not, ask.

Blood Glucose-Doctors often order a blood glucose level, fasting is best.  Be sure to tell your doctor if you have a family history of high blood pressure or diabetes.

Blood Cholesterol-This is usally checked when you have a physical.  It measures your LDL, the low density lipoprotein, the HDL high density lipoprotein, the bad cholesterol, and total cholesterol.  High cholesterol is an indication that you can have heart disease.  They also look at your tricylcerides.

Abnorminal Ultrasound-This is a test that you usually have between 65-75, if you have been a smoker. Some men have this test when they are under 65.  It reveals a potential fatal aortic aneurysm in the abdomen that effect the main blood vessel.


{July 23, 2009}   Health Care For All?

We desperately need health care for all people. The VA has health care, there is Medicare for seniors, and we have lots of people without health insurance.  The Kaiser Family Foundation Poll in April of 2009 found that:

36% of Americans skipped dental care or check ups

33% postponed needed health care

27% skipped recommended medical treatment

29% did not fill prescriptions

18% cut pills in half or skipped medicine

8% had problems getting mental health care

42% relied on home health care remedities or over the counter drugs.

The government plan for changing Medicare wants to change the Medicare Part D-the doughnut hole. I know for cancer patients it is devestasting when you have to pay $800.00-$25,000 to fill a prescription.  To find out more about the doughnuthole go to:

The government is working toward making sure that people can have a choice of affordable health insurance, improving outcomes through better health care management of services, and are cracking down on the medical errors and poor quality care. If you want to be involved or have concerns go to or call 1-866-227-7449.

Every American needs affordable, accessible, and quality health care in this country. The system is broken. The devil is in the details, and we all can hope that answers will be found, and reform will take place. I don’t see that it will be socialized medicine, but choices with regulatons.

These are the things that everyone seems to agree on:  quality health care needs to improve. Doctors need to get bonuses for good health outcomes, as Obama told the American Medical Association.  The Medicare Part D Doughnut Hole needs to shrink.  People who have insurance through their employer will be able to keep it.  There are 46.7 people without health insurance in this country, and everyone will be required to have it.  This can help the medical industry as well.  Health care costs have become uncontrollable, and they need to be controlled. It will be interesting to see how this really will happen. There needs to be federal legislation, so that those with pre-existing conditions will not be denied insurance.  I know I worry about running out of health insurance with pre-existing conditions.

I wonder how this will effect the pharmacuetical industry?

It is pretty scary times. Almost 1.1 million Americans have filed bankrupcy in 2008. (That is double what was filed in 2006.) This is according to Bloomberg.

The stock market in January of 2009 was the worst it has ever been according to the New York Times.

As of May 2009, 6 million Americans have lost their job. This is since December 2007 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The unemployment rate is the highest its been since August of 1983. In 2009 these states will lose more than 2.8% of their work force: Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio.  the best place to get a job right now is Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Washington and Washington, D.C.

The economy shrank to 5.7% according to the Department of Commerce.

Nearly half of the fourth quarter home sales in 2008 are distressed, and there have been mostly forclosures according to the National Association of Realtors.  I heard on the news today about a lady selling pies out east to pay her house mortgage.

Then there’s those (at least 47 million Americans) who have no health insurance, and it is staggering in this country. We can’t save lives, if we don’t have health insurance to cover screenings and diagnostic care. My husband was in for colonosophy recently and his doctor told him people are not getting the procedures performed as in the past. Whether it is because they don’t have money to pay their premiums or can’t afford the co-pays, who knows.

Presciptions can correct problems, but long term use can effect your ability to aborb and metabolize certain nuturients. Did you know that statins make your C0Q10 deficient? To make up for it you need to take C0Q 10 and supplement your diet with beef, sardines, broccoli, chicken, and trout.

The medications I am referring to are those typical standard drugs for osteoporosis, depression, heart burn/acid reflux, seizures, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

For further information on this topic check out the July & August 2009, AARP magazine.

A study done by AARP and the National Institute of Health found that eating less red meat will prolong your life. If you eat 4 ounces of red meat per day you are 30% more likley to die from cancer and heart disease. We know that it raises your PH and acidity level as well. So turn to more veggies and fish as you get older.

You can prevent age related vision loss by taking vitamin B.  This includes B6, B12 and folic acid. In a study by Harvard, they found that women who took these vitamins were 34% less likley to develop mascular degeneration. Isn’t it worth the effort?

{July 22, 2009}   Using Your Brain Cells

I read an interesting article in AARP Magazine. It was how you can stay smart or at least put your brain into a gym.  The National Institutes of Health found that certain brain workouts help improve reasoning and memory. Some cost money, but check these out:

Lumos Labs-1-415-259-4100,


Free Brain Games,

DSC_0153Relaxing and enjoying fly fishing on the Brule is important to my daughter and her financee. I can’t believe that they only do “catch and release.” I would want to eat the trout. They are getting married on the Brule. Yes, they will have a trout wedding cake, a trout sign in guest book, and who knows what else. Relaxing and having a stress free life if important.

There was one time that it was not stress free. Joel threw his fly fishing rod back, and the fly got caught in Lisa’s ear. That was a few years ago, and it had to be removed at the hospital.

It is really sick that people in this world of ours can sell human beings like cattle into slavery or to brothels. This occurs in many countries and is the fastest growing trade next to illegal drugs. Treating girls and women like 2nd class children needs to end in our country and other parts of the world.

I read in an article that 30 billion animals are being killed by the meat industry in our country, and that politicians protect the murdering of animals to promote our carnivorism. 

-If it was a pet of mine; I’d be totally ill.  I rarely eat chicken and pork, but I do eat fish and beef.

-When I think of those poor chicks having their sensitive beaks cut off without painkillers, I feel ill. To think that chickens walk around in feces that smell like high levels of ammonia on chicken farms, and it is so strong it can burn their skin and harm their lungs. 

They take birds and throw them in cages.

 When they are slattered, they are hung upside down by their legs, their throats are slit, and then they are dragged through scalding hot water, even when alive. I can remember when my dad would cut birds heads off.  Believe it or not some would still walk aroundstill. It was violent and traumatic to me, as a child.  I

If you are a female chicken is “an egg producer,” they would live in confiment. That’s why free range animals are healthier and not sick!  They don’t lay in bacteria. Investigations have found chickens full of  with anitobotics; they found mistreatment of chickens and turkeys at Pilgrim’s Pride and even Butterball farms.

The truth is that chickens are smarter than our dogs and cats.

 -I saw two horses today standing very close to each other for comfort on a farm. I think all animals have feelings. We had a horse or two get be hit by a car.  My dad would say the horse was sent to the glue factory.  I wonder if that was true? I have heard that jello comes from horses and to buy organic jello.

Cows are given synthetic growth hormones, so that they don’t get mastitis, an infection, and so they produce more milk. 

Did you know that cheese is made from the rennet in the cows stomach? I can remember cows on the farm with serious ring worm infections. We drank that milk.

Pigs…I can remember piglets stuffed in a large barn, some dying and laying on the floor. Pigs ears are made into a dog treats, yuck.

et cetera