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We may well be over treating patients with insurance coverage in Minnesota. Patients are given extra tests and more procedures in this country than those without insurance. It makes one wonder if we are better off. Patients in some cases are over treated. 

For example, we know that not all DCIS develops into breast cancer. Yet women in this country are having their breasts removed from stage 1/DCIS. There are different types of DCIS, but not all requires treatment and increased biopsies have side effects.  Norway did a study on “Disappearing Cancers” and found that 22% disappeared. This was mentioned at The National Breast Cancer Coalition Conference in Washington, D.C. this spring. (

Years ago we ate food that was more natural. We walked to schools and ate healthier. I don’t remember having junk food as a child, except for penny candy. Today there are so many more environmental toxins. I really wonder if the FDA really monitors or can monitor its effect.

Did you know that mammograms pick up slow moving breast cancer that may take 20 years to cook in the chest wall?  There are many cancers that are aggressive but they not picked up because the symptoms come on real fast.  We usually have a mammogram only once a year.  Those women with dense breasts often have their slow moving cancer picked up with digital mammography. In some cases though, it isn’t picked up, as studies have shown.  MRI’s and ultrasounds pick it in these cases. The real problem lies when a person is not referred by the doctor or technican.


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