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Ann Fonfa started this organization after a quest for answers.  She is a breast cancer survivor.  She had three lumpectomies, (like me), but she developed stage IV breast cancer in the chest wall and had a mastectomy. Ann had lobular carincoma.  From this she searched alternative therapies. Check out her website at:


Strawberries in a number os studies have been shown to offer protection in breast, cervical, and colon cancer. Strawberries are also good because of the folate in them, so it is good for your heart.  I just have a hard time finding organic strawberries. Who wants them full of pesticides? They are on the dirty dozen list of fruits.

There are symptoms of Prostate Hyperthrophy such as painful urination, hesitancy, retention, infections and ejaculatory dysfunction. 

Some research has shown that saw palmetto extract is a natural compound that reduces these symptoms and the risk factors for prostate cancer.  Call a Life Extension Health Advisor for more information, 1-866-864-3027. You may want to consider eating lycopene rich foods such as tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefurit and guava. In a study in 2008 they found that it slows the progression in BPH.

We have pills called called EPA and DHA, actually the Mega kind.  These are our fish oil pills that have  vitamin E in them as well.  There’s no soy or egg products in these babies.  A small research study showed that participants who receieved these pills with glucosamine sulfate had a better improvement rate. The EPA and DHA reduces further degradation of inflamation of the joint as well as swelling and pain.

See articles in February 2010/Life Extension magazine.

At a conference put on by the American Heart Association’s Scientific Conference in Orlando, Florida they shared the results of a study.  Dr. Muhlestein and his colleagues followed 27,687 subjects for 1.2 years and found a high correlations with low vitamin D levels. They found that forty five percent are more likely to get heart disease, seventy eight percent were more likley to have a stroke, and seventy seven percent are more likley to die from low vitamin D levels.

Did you know that you cannot easily correct low vitamin D levels if you are not gvien the correct vitamin D and the right amount? Check out Life Extensions for the best research and to join their pharmacy drug program for your supplemental over the counter drugs.

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