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Dr. Sears states there are ways to control your blood sugar. 

The six ways are:

1.Gymnema Sylvestre, a herb has been used.

2.Chromium, a sugar fighter. If your blood sugar is going up you may want to be tested for a deficiency in this.

3.Cinnamon….Check out Sam’s Club, pharmacy department.

4.Fenugreek, a seed that has helped to stablize blood sugar.

5.Banaba Leaf Extract helps to regular blood sugar.

6.Bitter Melon has been used.

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Suznne Snedeker has compiled a list of chemicals that are known to induce mammary tumors in cancer bioassays.  They are listed under categories: auto maintance, pesticides, landscaping, home maintance, arts, crafts, and hobbies, home office, pet care, life style, textiles, food, food storage and or packaging, cosmetics and personal care, medical devices, self defense, and recreation/hunting.

I didn’t know until I looked at this list that glue and adhesive remover can have benzene or ethylene oxide in it.  Rubber cement is not a good thing to use either.  They have found many other chemicals in dyes, inks, solder paste, photograms, artifical snow and frost that have the same effect.

Smoking has a lot of toxins in it.

Personal care items are listed because of the chemicals. Bubble bath, Milk of Magnesia, essential oils, personal care products, cosmetics, hair dyes, and spray shoe polish are implicated.

Would you think that Mem silicone breast implants are listed?

Then there is feremented foods; canola oil that is heated; food packaging; black tea; fungals found in grains, coffee, beer, dried fruit, certain oils and fats; flavorings, decaffeintated coffee that has a historic use; fish from Asia; spices, grains, mushrooms, apples, peaches, food additives.

et cetera