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{January 10, 2010}   New Tests for Heart Disease

In reading Parade today, they talked about various tests to predict your chances of getting heart disease.

One is high levels of C Reactive Protein (CRP). I remember my husband and I having this test. This test is recommended for those at immediate risk for heart disease. 

They are know saying that your homocystein level is linked to heart disease, stroke, and peripheral disease.  How can we reduce the risk?  Eat certain B vitamins, consume greens, more vegetables (2/3’s of your plate) and make sure you have enough folic acid in our diet. Check the contents.

 Another test is the LDL or bad cholesterol test that our doctor always uses in cholesterol screening.  Some folks need to go on cholesterol lowering drugs. 

Then there is fibrinogen, a protein that is involved in clotting.  We don’t want clots anywhere in our body. Cigarettes, alcohol and hormone therapy can increase fibrinogen levels.


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