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{March 29, 2010}   Make Life A Little Interesting

There are many websites on the world wide webs that are interesting. For example, My Lifetime is a fun one.  You can watch movies, look at TV schedules, play games, find out about  astrology, participate in sweepstakes, and watch videos.  Check it out.


The Kiwanis of Friendly Duluth is having their 42nd Annual TV Auction on WDIO TV April 24th at 6:00 p.m. Tune in to WDIO TV (channels 10 or 13) at 6:00 p.m. to bid on items.  Together we can make a difference by helping to raise money for youth in this region.  Please help.  There are lots of wonderful items big and small to bid on.

{March 22, 2010}   What is This?

I saw a poster at the Duluth Grill,  and it was about HOTDISH Militia c/o WHC 32 E. lst Street, Duluth, MN 55802.  Isn’t that the building for women that the YWCA owns?  I wouldn’t of noticed the pot luck at Peace Church which read Lutheran Ladies hotdish, etc. but it talked about young women.  I pulled off a tab, googled it, and it is about abortion, gays, lesbians, etc. Chances are that the Duluth Grill doesn’t know what kind of poster they hung up or how hot of a topic this is in our community.


The Lutherans are not gun hoe about abortions and for sure Lutheran Ladies are not.  Who ever thought that one up? We have friends who are anti-abortion.  This is a hot topic with this doctor and his wife.  I don’t understand why the Peace Church is sponsoring it. Maybe Building for Women, non-profit members or owners are part of the group.

There is a virus linked to Merkel Cell Carcinoma.  Published in January of 2008 we found out that there is an important distinquishing feature in the MCV integration of tumor cells called a monoclonal pattern that effects it becoming cancerous.  In 6 out of 8 MCV positive Merkel cells tumors, viral DNA was integrated into the tumor genome pattern.

Merkel Skin Cancer is aggressive, deadly and most typically effects the elderly and those with immunosuppression problems.

Merkel Cell Polyomavirus is also called MCV.

{March 22, 2010}   Health Care For America Now

We all need quality and affordable health care for all that we can count on. The vote passed for health care reform in our country. The president will sign it today.  Then they there will be making it understandable to all people after bickering out the language and details.

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It’s pretty unreal that when you go to Urgent Care at SMDC on the weekend  you see a nurse/physicans assistant or before that category, no longer a physican. They can only give some shots that would last 3-4 hours.  If you go to Emergency you wait 4-6 hours, no matter how much pain you have.  The only way to get around it is to go through the drive in garage.  You can get help right away as that is considered a real emergency.

{March 19, 2010}   Breast Cancer is Big Money

Breast Cancer is big money.  We just need to ask how it is being used, where it is going, and if we can see the use.  When there is not transparency, it is a wasted cause. Some folks use it for salaries, others use it for their own benefit, not the patient.  Ask, ask, ask, and ask some more.  Ask to see where it is going on paper.

{March 14, 2010}   B-B-B Vitamins

B Vitamins Are Important

B12 or cobalamin is very important.  Adults should have at least 2.4 mcg/day.

B1 or thiamin is important in the metabolizim of your carbohydrates.  A women needs 1.1mg/day and a man needs 1.2mg/day.

B3 or niacin is important to our diet.  We have to lower our cholesterol levels and this drug helps.  We need 14mg/day if we are a man or women.  Too much can cause severe itching and liver enzyme problems.  It can also interfere with your glucose level.

B5 or pantothenin acid is needed daily.

B6 or pyriudoxine is needed as well.  We need 100 mg/day. Some say it is necessary for fatigue, PRMS.  We don’t want to overdoese with it if we have Parkinsons disease and are on those particular drugs.

B9 or folate or folic acid is needed each day.  We need 400 mcg/day.

RN Nurses are working 8-12 hour shifts at the hospital.  It makes one wonder when they have up to 26 patients on a floor, 2 nurses, sometimes 3, working long shifts, if this is safe for the patient and for them. Last year a nurse drove home from SMDC, tired from two shifts, fell asleep at the wheel, and was killed.

A study found that 3% of all women who worked nights got breast cancer.  This was probably from low melatoin levels.  Shift work has its problems with womens health.

One third of all children and teens have taken supplements that they don’t need according to a study from the Univerisity of California School of Medicine.  Kids with higher income took more pills than those with lower incomes in this study.  There is a danger to unregulated over the counter pills, or at least some feel.  Some children develop liver issues, abdominal pain, etc. from excessive pills.

One wonders if those children who take no pills are often the ones with chronic diseases later in life from mineral and vitamin imbalances.  I think so.

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