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{April 10, 2010}   Overactive Thyroid, Hyperthryrodidism

Hyperthryroidism is when the thryroid overly active and produces too much of its hormones.  It affects women five to ten times more than men, it is most common in people under age 40. These people may have symptoms such as sweating, feeling hot, rapid heartbeats, weight loss, and even eye problems.

There are several types:

Graves Disease-This is excessive hormones that trigger an autioimmune disorder attacking the body, when the thyroid hormones spill over.

Toxic Adenomas-These are nodules, lumps, growths that develop in the thryoid gland.  If you have several goits it may indicate this.

Subacute Thyroiditis-Painful thyroid causes excessive hormones and inflamation

Pituitary Gland Malfunctions or Cancerous Growths-These are rare but can occur.

Silent Thyroiditis-This causes a mild problem and can results in damage.

Pospartum Thyrroiditis-This can occur after surgery and delivery of a baby.

Ingestion of Excess Thyroid Hormones-This can result in hyperthyroidism.


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