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According to the American Cancer Society’s chart on BC Incident and Mortality Rates by Race and State (2002-2006), Minnesota will have 126.4 (White/Caucasian)  as their incident rate. (All rates are per 100,00 and age adjusted to the 2000 US standard population.) The mortality rate for Minnesota is 22.3 for White/Caucasian.

The African American incident rate is 121.1 but the African American mortality rate is 36.8 for Minnesota. As you can see African American women have a lot higher mortality rate and yet the money raised doesn’t seem to head their way.

It seems to be heading toward white Causian women.


Some people volunteer to help others and others are seeking donations for their salaries. It may seem like they really to help others. Ask the breast cancer patients involved in the community. Someone came up to me asked me about a group that raises money and only one person gets the money. I said, ” No, I am strictly a volunteer as is ever one else that I am involved with.”

Did you know that certain blood pressure medicines can deplete you of potassium? That’s like a double edged sword. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Eating a banana each day, potato or other souces of potassium is worth looking into.

Researchers found that people who ate the most fruit and vegetables were less likely to suffer a stroke. The highest intake of potassium reach fruits and vegetables lowered ones risk. There is actually an 8 per cent reduction in coronary heart disease from eating fruits and vegetables.

Potassium helps prevent muscle cramping. I think magnesium does too.

Potassium rich foods include avocados, leafy green  vegetables, apricots, prune juice, dried beans, dried peas, plain non-fat yogurt, bananas, and of course potatoes.

et cetera