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{March 22, 2010}   Health Care For America Now

We all need quality and affordable health care for all that we can count on. The vote passed for health care reform in our country. The president will sign it today.  Then they there will be making it understandable to all people after bickering out the language and details.

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It’s pretty unreal that when you go to Urgent Care at SMDC on the weekend  you see a nurse/physicans assistant or before that category, no longer a physican. They can only give some shots that would last 3-4 hours.  If you go to Emergency you wait 4-6 hours, no matter how much pain you have.  The only way to get around it is to go through the drive in garage.  You can get help right away as that is considered a real emergency.

{March 14, 2010}   B-B-B Vitamins

B Vitamins Are Important

B12 or cobalamin is very important.  Adults should have at least 2.4 mcg/day.

B1 or thiamin is important in the metabolizim of your carbohydrates.  A women needs 1.1mg/day and a man needs 1.2mg/day.

B3 or niacin is important to our diet.  We have to lower our cholesterol levels and this drug helps.  We need 14mg/day if we are a man or women.  Too much can cause severe itching and liver enzyme problems.  It can also interfere with your glucose level.

B5 or pantothenin acid is needed daily.

B6 or pyriudoxine is needed as well.  We need 100 mg/day. Some say it is necessary for fatigue, PRMS.  We don’t want to overdoese with it if we have Parkinsons disease and are on those particular drugs.

B9 or folate or folic acid is needed each day.  We need 400 mcg/day.

{March 14, 2010}   Insominacs

A study in a Sleep journal (2009) found that insomniacs are three and one half times at higher risk for increased blood pressure. 

In a study of Japanese women they found that sleeping 4 hours a night increased onesrisk for heart disease. Another Japanese study found the same information with men.

Some patients have sleep apnea putting them at increased risk for heart disease.  According to a Wisconsin sleep study/cohort, they found that sleep apnea causes arrhytnmias putting one at risk for a stroke and for heart disease.

A sleep study done on teens found that those with sleep disorders had more problems with mental illness, major depression and anxiety disorder.

Harvard Medical School has a wonderful guide on Improving Sleep that you can download onto your computer to read.

{March 14, 2010}   Dropping Body Parts

As we get older our breasts start to sag.  I know I recently bought a prosthesis, as one breast was getting a lot bigger.  The other breast had three surgeries.  There was a noticeable difference.

Other body parts start to sag as we jag into old age.  Our uterus, cervix, and bladder/or vagina start to prolapse.  some of these body parts, some of us don’t have from surgeries. I have known very old women have had to had bladder surgey and have had to use other devices to help with these problems when pills no longer work.

Men, well their body parts may start to not work as well.  I know a business man in the community that told me he is plain tired of listening to all those commercials on erection medications on TV.  He was hoping that would change with the new health care plan.

{March 14, 2010}   Over Indulgence

Stress can cause us to over indulge and over eat.  To reduce over eating we should medicate, do yoga, walk, have massages, walk more, and do aerobic exercises.

{March 14, 2010}   Bacteria In The Gums

A study published in an International Journal of Caridiology found that bad teeth and gums can cause heart attacks.  Gum disease, gingivitis, and periodontial disease are all bad. The Journal of Clinical Periodontology found that young people are getting heart problems from severe heart disease. Bacteria or plaque toxins build up causing diabetes, kidney disease, pre-term labor, ostoporosis, Alzheimer’s and certain cancers.

Eighty percent of all Americans ages 20-64 have periodontial disease according to the American Academy of periodontology, that’s 1 in 3 adults. I say fix your teeth, maintain healthy gums at all cost for a healthy heart.

I know several people with kidney disease and cancer.  I am wondering if it’s increasing in our society with diabetes and obesity.  

There is an association with increased mortality, cardiovascular disease, fractures, bone density loss, infections, cognitive impairment, and frailty from kidney disease. Some people have increased inflammation and others mineral bone disorders.  

It makes one wonder if the signs of kidney disease are not picked up early enough. The American Diabetes Assocation recommends annual measurements of creatinine and urine albumin excretion for patients with type 2 diabetes. Often it is blood pressure or blood sugar problems that are an indicator. Some feel proteinuria is  marker for kidney disease. Creatinine is measured before surgery, but how often do people have surgery?

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{February 20, 2010}   Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Getting enough sleep is really important. According to Roth, a sleep researcher, “Most of us need eight hours of sound sleep to function at our best.” We all need enough sleep but especially stage 4 delta sleep.

I know I love my sleep and when I have a bad night I drag throughout the next day.

Some people don’t sleep because they have insomnia, they have to get up to go to the bathroom, they have sleep apnea, some have hypothryoidism, some grind their teeth, some can’t fall asleep after being physically active from walking or exercising before hand.

If we don’t get enough sleep, we get growth hormone deficiencies. Then there’s muscle pain, weight gain, and degeneration of our musules that need to relax. Some people may feel fatigued, have aching muscles, and even have brain fog.

Some folks need to take melatonin,  sleeping pills,  over the counter drugs, others take magnesium and calcium, some take 5-HTP to stimulate the serotonin, others take herbs, some folks take antidepressents, then there’s muscle relaxants, and even hypnotic drugs. 

 I even read that low B12 and CQ10 can be a cause.  Even NADH and DHEA can be a cause of not sleeping.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I’m tired. Good night.

{February 17, 2010}   The Ultimate PH Solution

A great book (The Ultimate PH Solution) about balancing your body chemistry to prevent disease and lose weight is written by Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, AAc.

I can tell you that many cancer patients have high PH levels from actually doing urine testing.  Whether it is the acid tissues in their body from diet or from all the drugs one takes, I do not know.  We need to have a normal body, alkalizing is better for health, so that you can prevent disease.

 This particular book tells what foods you should eat and not eat for various body chemistry types.  It has receipes too.

The truth of the matter is that our bodies are full of chemistry, and if we think about our chemistry classes we want balance.

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