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Some people volunteer to help others and others are seeking donations for their salaries. It may seem like they really to help others. Ask the breast cancer patients involved in the community. Someone came up to me asked me about a group that raises money and only one person gets the money. I said, ” No, I am strictly a volunteer as is ever one else that I am involved with.”


{February 3, 2010}   Community Action, Duluth

Community Action is a non-profit organization that uses innovative, inter-related strategies that mobilize low income people into becoming more equal in that they learn skills to help them to overcome poverty,  get jobs, and help them to strengthen their place in our social fabric. If you need help doing your income tax, they help by having volunteers work through the various tax steps.

Contact Angie Miller at 218-726-1665 or e-mail her at

Location: 19 North 21st Avenue Wed, Duluth, 55806

The Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial is an orgnaization that fosters racial justice through education, reconcilation, healing and partnerships.  They are looking for people to help institute their curriculum, per say, in the schools.

Contact Bob Grytdahl if you can help at 218-730-5630 or e-mail him at to find out how you can help.

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